Cannon XM1 Camera with Tripod

Canon’s XM1 incorporates a 3 CCD system with Pixel Shift to bring you high quality colour recordings. Each CCD sensor has 320,000 pixels and is dedicated to a primary colour, red, green or blue, to enhance natural colour reproduction with low colour noise.   The Pixel Shift feature automatically compensates for the human eye’s sensitivity to green and provides detailed resolution rivalling that of 480,000 pixel systems. As each pixel captures more light, you get a better signal-to-noise ratio and greater dynamic range. Vertical smear is thus minimised, further contributing to the impressive picture quality.

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Product Specifications

Mini DV
Optical zoom: 20x
Sensor resolution: 0.32 Megapixel
Digital zoom: 100x
Weight: 1200g
Image stabiliser
Digital Screen size: 2.5 inch
Colour Viewfinder
3 CCD Optical Sensor
Lens Aperture: F/1.6-2.9
Special Effects
Shooting Modes